The CICADA Association has been established by a designer and researcher Kaja Antlej, a digital strategy specialist Darja Golek and an architect Mojca Horvat. Recently a new member joined the team, an archaeologist and heritage counselor Dijana Pita da Costa who replaced Kaja in the presidential position.


Dijana  Pita da CostaDijana Pita da Costa

• Current Residency: Ljubljana, Slovenia
• Current activities: working as a freelance Heritage and Interpretation Consultant, a Social media Coordinator for Interpret Europe (European Association for Heritage Interpretation) and Co-editor for a Portuguese – Slovene Journal Sardinha.
• Education:  (expected in 2017) Doctor of Science in Humanities and Social Sciences – Heritology (Heritage Studies), Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, doctoral dissertation: “Archaeological Heritage in Museum Education Programmes”; Bachelor of Arts, Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2010.
• Professional interests: museums, heritage education, social media, heritage interpretation, digital interpretation, active citizenship.
• Free time: visiting museums, learning languages, writing, diving, yoga, enjoying life.

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Darja Golek

• Current residency: Ljubljana, Slovenia
DarjaGolek• Current activities: employed as Key Account Manager for web site Med.Over.Net (the biggest web site in Slovenia for healthcare and family); main responsibilities: leading effective digital campaigns, preparation of business proposals, leading projects in the field of public awareness and charity campaigns
• Education: Cultural Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana – in progress
• Professional interests: internet marketing, social media, forums, content marketing, effective digital campaigns
• Free time: running, hiking, aerobics, cooking, healthy nutrition, sporting in all aspects


Mojca Horvat


• Current residency: Berlin, Germany
• Current activities: working as a Graphic Designer at Scandinavian Design Store and as an Architectural Accountant
• Education: Masters Degree in Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, diploma theses “Urban Park Design with Garden Plots and Design Project for Accompanying Facility”, 2010
• Professional interests: design, sustainability, sociology, ecology, natural building, arts, handcrafting, recycling
• Free time: crochet, knitting, diy, sewing, ceramic, film and animation, cycling, swimming, dancing



Dr. Kaja Antlej

• Current Residency: Geelong, Australia
KajaAntlejRabat12bw3s_sv• Current activities: employed as a Lecturer in Industrial Design at School of Engineering, Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env, Deakin University
• Education: Doctor of Science in Humanities and Social Sciences – Heritology (Heritage Studies), Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, doctoral dissertation: “3D Technologies as a Support for Industrial Design Museum Exhibition”, 2013; Master of Design in Industrial Design, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, diploma thesis: “The Development of an Industrially Designed Product through the Use of 3D Technologies”, 2008
• Professional interests: human-centred design, additive manufacturing, other creative fields, 3D, museums and heritage, active citizenship, travel.
• Free time: visual art, photography, film and animation, concerts, foreign cultures, hiking, running, skiing, dancing, sailing, cycling, aerobics, ball sports, participating sport events
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